LF Apex I/O module


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My auto top off relay died (okay, I dropped it in the container:headwalls:), so I was going to hook my floats into my Apex Jr. To do that I need an I/O module.

Anyone have one lying around they aren't using, or know if any shops might sell them locally? The shipping is almost as much as the module online, unless I figure out more stuff to get the total up to the free shipping level.


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Put it in your shopping cart on brs. Give it two days and they will send you a $5 off coupon. That should help with shipping. Shipping should not be more than $8 to begin with. So now it's $3


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First class mail with BRS on this would be $3.50. And no tax, so about a wash with what you'd pay locally, assuming no LFS has one in stock.


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Thanks for the ideas, guys. I tried the leave it in the cart trick, but just got an email saying "You're cart expires in 8 hours" and then the cart just emptied. I never bought something that small and light on BRS before. My shipping has always been in the $10-20 range...

I'll just order one then!


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Yeah I wrote that all wrong meant to say the op also needs a base unit with I/o connection, in addition to the bo box. the Jr doesn't come with one, I believe?

I have an EB8 inline too, which I believe has the IO port, but thanks for letting me know. I'll check on that.


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You are correct; Jr does not have an I/O connection. This would require a PM1, 2, or 3.


Now I need to buy something else, or just return the IO box, and do another ATO system....

Wish I had figured this all out before I decided to go with the Jr.