LF CO2 and calcium reactor


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Where do you all get CO2 filled in the south bay?

Currently using 2 part but plan to transition to a calcium reactor in the next couple months. If you have a calcium reactor or any equipment you are looking to sell please let me know. My system will be about 300 gallons of display tanks eventually, so looking for a large unit. Am thinking about the 9" reef octopus unit.


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I get my CO2 at Airgas in SF. Park in the parking lot, drop off my empty 20 lb container, they bring me another one. 20lb container of food grade CO2 was something like ~$65 (I know the food grade is probably unnecessary but it is like an extra $5 so I splurge). Lasts me over a year on my system which is a similar size to yours. I've never been to any airgas places in the south bay but I'm sure it is the same system.

I use a Geo624, but frankly wouldn't have minded a Geo818. Bigger just means you refill it less, which is nice because once you've got everything dialed in you don't want to have to mess with anything. I certainly wouldn't get anything that holds less than 15lbs of media.