LF: Large Tangs

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Hey Ross, how's it going man? Long time.
Any particular tangs you looking for?

Hey Tim,

Yes, long time.

I'm looking for an Achilles, a Naso, a Desjardini, a Yellow Belly Blue, a couple Yellows, maybe a Kole or Tomini.

Hope all is well with you and your family It's going well for us. Lots of things have changed - moved from Lincoln to Brentwood 2yrs ago to follow great job opportunities for myself and Nicole. We sold our Lincoln home FAST, moved everything and left the tank for last. I ended up having to move my 100g tank, and all livestock during a crazy hail storm, temporarily set it up for about 2 months during the house buying process, then renovated the new house, moved the tank again and suffered quite a few fish/coral losses through it all. Over the last 2 yrs, I have been pretty quiet in the reefkeeping hobby until just recently.

A few months ago, I picked up the old Aquatic Gallery display tank, and a few hundred pounds of the live rock from their other display tanks. I built a new stand/canopy for the tank, and just finished transferring the corals leftover from my moving chaos. I miss my tangs, so now, it's time to change that.


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wow, 4 of those tangs on your list are in my tank right now. Not selling them at the moment though.


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wow...sounds chaotic! glad things are settling down for you guys. i'm checking on a sailfin for you. if you are ever back in the area hit me up!


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I have a large desjardini I hate to part with but he could use a really big tank. He's like a puppy dog (a great dane puppy) and always following me around in the tank.