LF: sps frags around Delray Beach


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I am starting to add livestock to my latest tank but don't have access to much variety of spa frags. The only lfs I have gone to is barrier reef and they carry a small amount, so if anyone is selling off frags around delray/boynton/boca please let me know.

Specifically interested in picking up some red monti cap, pink stylophora, maybe a millepora piece or two, and acros. Thanks


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I am in Delray too, not far from Tecdiverfl, treetop is a cool guy as well. Pretty sure you can find what's on your list plus more.
Endless Oceans has a pretty good sps selection


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Big thanks to Tecdiverfl for the frags today. Super cool guy and great stuff.

Hoping they all survive the flight in the morning back to Maine. Glad to have something besides greens and purples now!