LF: Unwanted Coral


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Hey everyone,

I am looking for unwanted coral... I just setup a frag tank and since I don't own a PAR meter I can't tell if the DIY lights I put on it are good enough.

I placed few of mine that I fraged and so far so good.

I am looking for anything, Zoa, Paly, LPS, SPS. Just no GSP or Xenia. I want to see if they can survive and color up. If you have anything that brown out and/or overgrown and can spare a piece/frag, would be appreciated.

I don't want to buy frags only to find out I killed them because the lights either too low or too High.

Thanks in advance

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If you have BAR account, or already a member, I have bunch of monti and sps to give away

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I have not renew my membership yet, I am a former... But just waiting. I don't want to get the membership just to get free stuff.

I used to got to the frag swaps and contributed with corals.... Just now restarted back but currently still technically cycling my tanks so I have none yet.

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