LFS and livestock guarantees?


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is any one aware of livestock guarantees with the lfs around here? i noticed the 14 day one on the foster/smith online store.

i was recently kinda shocked that an apparently healthy cleaner shrimp lasted only 2 days.....

does any one even ask about livestock guarantees? i feel a little bad about considering asking, given all the inherant variable/difficulties of the hobby.


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All of them have at least a 24 hour if not more. With the exception of Aqua Zoo who unfortunately once you step foot out the door it's yours policy.( with fish and corals ) I have heard that shrimp need good acclimation, than again I have heard some say they just put them in right away :confused: Peppermint shrimp seem hardy cause I was acclimating some and one jumped out the bag into the water no problem.
It was really a good thing it landed in the tank too because I have a thing about crabs and shrimp they freak me out.


I think Fish Maniac is 48 hours and I know Carrie is right about Aqua Zoo. Once you buy a fish and walk out the door, it's your problem.


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Obviously in a perfect world stores would be able to guarantee all of their livestock. This of course is not reality and when you are talking about returned items the 80/20 rule comes into play big time. The 80/20 rule states that 20% of customer will be 80% of your returns and problems. So, for the average customer in the 80% it seems very reasonable for stores to offer extended guarantees. To some it may even seem illogical that they do not. Just remember that it is the 20% that always brings returns items and has problems that ruin it for everyone. As a former long time employee I will tell you first hand that the 80/20 split is a fact. It has been documented in all marketing applications and is heavily taught in school. So, next time you are upset because you lost a new fish, but you canââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢t get a refund, just remember the 20% of customer that screw it up for everyone.


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Does anyone know exactly which stores have at least a 24 hour policy? We know fishmanic and dan co do. Does anyone else?
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