LFS says I should NOT keep Snowflake eel?


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I had some support and encouragement about a week or so ago on the subject of keeping a Snowflake eel with in my reef tank with my reef safe fish (Tang, clown, Royal Gramma).

Now my LFS is saying I should not keep one. I am trying get some opinions once again on this topic.

I read this: http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-12/fm/index.php and was encouraged by it. I really don't want my clowns to eating alive, so if this is the case I guess I will just leave it at that.

If an eel is not for me, what other exotic fish could I add? I don't know how dangerous a dwarf lion would be to my reef tank. Opinions on this?



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if a fish can fit another fish in it's mouth, it's likely to do so at some point.

I'd go for a lubbucks, solarensis, or other decent size fairy/flasher wrasse.


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There is no doubt that Echidna nebulosa is one of the better eels in regards to mixing with other fishes. However, (noting the word "better") there can still be complications with this species. While not an immediate threat, they can still be problematic. This seems to vary from specimen to specimen, though. IME, there is always going to be some risks involved with this (and really, any other) Muraenid species. BTW, this species DOES eat fish (albeit to a smaller extent) in the wild.


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I personally wouldn't have one in a reef. I know some have done it but as noted, it is risky.



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I have a SFE in with a clown pair, black and white stripe damsel, and a royal gramma. He has been with them over a year, prolly closer to a year and a half. If you keep him well fed you shouldnt have a problem. The only problem I have had is he did eat a very small pseudochromis a while back. I was away for 4 days and he didnt get fed. Other than that though no problems he sits in his cave and waits til he sees the feeding stick.


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One point to consider is that eels are notorious for escaping. This may be an issue if your tank is not covered. Way back when, I lost a snowflake due to an escape and the tank was probably 80% covered.


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I had a Snowflake in a mixed species tank for many years and the only thing he bit were the pieces of shrimp I offered him daily; by hand. If you want a Morey, then a Snowflake is one of the better eels to keep. Frank M explains it better in Reef Safe Eels.


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While the green wolf eel I had would tear apart any small fish I would stick in the tank, the lion fish would swallow them whole. Just be careful what you decide on getting. I originally had my tank set up as an ALL aggressive tank with triggers, lions and eels and it came to the point where I could no longer stock the tank. Just about every fish I would try to add as a new inhabitant would get torn apart


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if your looking for an eel that still sorta cool looking i saw one called a black ribbon eel, or somthing like that. It was fairly skinny and small so it probably couldnt eat one of your fish, but it also gets pretty long. Seemed pretty active too.


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Ribbon eels as far as I've read are very difficult to keep, and may require a species tank. They also get fairly large up to like 3 1/2 feet.


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Re: LFS says I should NOT keep Snowflake eel?

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If an eel is not for me, what other exotic fish could I add?

Maybe you should consider forgoing the EXOTIC FISH stuff for a while .. based on your numerous postings about fish disease it sounds like you should focus on getting your current livestock healthy .. perhaps getting some further SW experience .. and then determine the risks/rewards of expanding your horizons.


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I am by no means a pro at SW, but I am not that much of a beginner either. I am keeping seahorses with excellence. Check my gallery. Fish get sick, especially Blue Tangs. I was just asking for guidance on helping my fish get better. I think one can be moderate at the sw hobby and still ask questions.

thanks everybody for bringing this thread to life.

good article too Waterkeeper....I read that one.


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i just bought a 14 " snowflake from a fellow reefer he was getting rid of it because it ate his clowns, dottyback and a flasher wrasse. he had for two years before it went on a rampage. hope this helps. mine went into my 150 agressive tank IMO where he belongs


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I've had a zebra eel for quite some time. Does not mess with fish or cleaner shrimp. Cool looking eel but they do get big. Safest for fish though