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I will be heading up to Orlando for a few days and was wondering if there are any can't miss shops on the South side?



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World Wide Corals is the only one I can think of on the south end of Orlando. If you make farther north, I suggest Sea in the City, Top Shelf Aquatics, Ocean Blue and Living Reef. Serenity is going out of business and is having a big sale this weekend as well.


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^If that's the case, Top Shelf is literally right around the corner-5 to 10 minutes depending on traffic, and they have a great selection, especially of LPS, gorgs and tons of different anemone species. (Serenity is also a favorite of mine!)

Also, does anybody know if the Living Reef is done with swapping out their tanks and restocked?


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I would figure they would put out newsletter for some sort of reopening. I haven't seen one


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Was at Living Reef Orlando on Thursday and they were starting to restock. They said they'd have fish and CUC stocked by the weekend. Though I think they said they wouldn't be getting their big coral shipment for another couple weeks. I did see some corals in the shop though. You can always give em a call they're super helpful :)


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This page on the ORCA site will give you a map of all the LFS in the Orlando area:

The only one missing is :
Exotic Fish & Reef Imports
3154 Bill Beck Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34744

but I'll add it during the weekend when I have time to do it.

If you guys know of another one, please let me know and I'll add them at the same time.