Light fixture opinions


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We're looking for a 48" T5 216W (4 bulb) w/ moonlights fixture for a 75 gallon fish/soft coral tank. What experience have you had with AquaticLife, Coralife, WavePoint, or Current fixtures that might make one stand out, good or bad? Thanks!


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I had a Current one with T5 and halides and loved it. I like that everything was together in one unit, ballasts, etc. Their customer service is awesome as well.


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i had a current 4bulb t5 fixture, the only thing that went wrong was the moon lights quit working after a year or so


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A friend of mine bought a AquaticLife 6-bulb T5 fixture a few months ago for his 120g tank...he still does not shut up about it, absolutely loves it, he says.