light help


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i have a 20g reef tank

what kind of lights can i put on there if i only want softies and leathers

i dont want to run into any heat issues, and i cant hang anything from the ceiling


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well, you could go, orbit, coralife, sunpod, etc. It all depends on what you prefer. Sunpods are MH, so you are almost limitless when it comes to coral, but if you are only going for softies and LPS, MH is unneeded. Orbit and coralife both have fans, orbits is louder, but i have a coralife, and the fans arent very strong. also between orbit and coralife, coralife has both lunar lights and models without. and both models are the smae price( i think). orbit also is lower cost and the lunar lights turn on automatically after the main lights turn off. i personally would go orbit, but tahts just my opinion.