Light lights where are the lights

If you are looking for PC lighting, you can probably find some T5's for around the same price if you go for a retro fit. What are your goals with 55 watts of lighting? Will you keep coral or is it for a fish only tank. If you can provide more details, we can better answer your question and show you the way to better reef keeping.
we gave my parents our 55 and it has power compacts so i think they actually need 4 65 watt bulbs but for now they arent doing any corals just fish for the time being.(its a finance thing) so im trying to help my parents out by finding them some lights so their fish arnt in the dark. i figured they could start our with just a pair of half and halfs but im just trying to help them out.
i usually buy mine from, i did just buy (2) 10000k's and (2) actinics off ebay for like $50 shipped...half price of what they were from