Light on and off multiple times?


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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if there is any negative effect on SPS if I were to turn on and off the light multiple time a day? The reason is that I want to turn on the light for an hour in the morning to feed the fishes and then turn it off.. Then at 2PM. the light will turn on again and finally turn off at 10PM. So I have no idea if it will be bad for the SPS at all in term of colors and growths? Well if anyone knows, please share the knowledge.



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No idea but certainly not something that corals have ever had to adapt to..
And within a week, the fish will learn to be ready at that time- even in the dark- to get fed.. why bother turning the lights on?
With the lights off you'll also have great pe on the corals, they may enjoy the dark feeding as well..