Light Schedule Question


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Is there a best schedule to start out with? I have a 6 bulb T5 fixture should i run all six bulbs for 6 hours, 8, 4? Nothing is in tank yet. Going to run 2 bulbs for 1 hour on each end. I will have SPS eventually


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I have always just set my timer to 12 on, 12 off. I figure that because most of the creatures we keep come from relatively near the equator that is about as close to what they are used to as I can get without some really (overly) complicated setup.


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If nothing is in the tank, no need to really run them at all yet.

not running them yet, but I will once the cycle is over. Trying to see what the best way to start them up is.

Before I tore the tank down and restarted I ran 2 Blue+ from 12pm-9pm and ran 4 Blue+, 1 Coral+, and 1 Purple + from 1pm-8pm

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9 hours total is fine. Anywhere from 8-14 is really ok. I tend to set them up so that my average bed time coincides with the sunset of the tank.