light timing through the day


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is there a reccomended amount of time to run your lights? I have two a twin bulb 10K white and a twin bulb blue actinic. I have a tall 55G and im just getting it started in the next week or so. Im just wondering should I stagger the lights coming on or both all at once and then for how long. My fixture also has a moonlight built into long should I run it? Obviously I will have these on timers, so I guess im wanting to know when they should come on and for how long. Thanks for any pointers you can give me. Im not a total newbie but its been a few years since I had a tank.


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It depends on what you are keeping. It can range from 4 hours with MH to 12 hours.

Start on the low side and increase as needed.

You seem to be running PC's right? Start at 8 hrs


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yes PCs...right now im just putting in a few fish nothing fancy...after i get the tank dialed in i plan on adding some inverts and a few corals

thanks for the info