Lightening strike - effect Anemone?


Coral Killer
We had a storm pass through earlier this evening and a close lightening strike blew out the power strip that my two 250 MH's run off of. The lights do work when plugged in elsewhere, but the Coralife power strip w/timer is a goner. Anyway, I finally took a look at the tank and my RBTA that is usually open 6" across is now a shriveled up half dollar. There was nothing other than the lights plugged into the outlet, but it made a huge snap that was heard throughout the house. Does anyone think a power surge like that would effect the RBTA? Everyone else in the tank look fine. (anyone have a spare RBTA?)




Coral Killer
Well, I'm glad to report that the RBTA is looking a little better this morning ... but not quite back to normal yet.

The 2 Coralife powerstrips will be replaced today. I actually have one plugged into another and the first one blew the sockets that the MH's were plugged into. The socket that was running the VHO's stayed on ... weird. I figure this was a sign to replace the acclaimed house fire starters.


New member
Could it have been just a coincidence, that the anemone was ready to do it's "shrinking act" anyway? There are lots of times I'll look at mine & it's fat & happy & minutes later, looks 1/2 dead.