Lighting 120x42x36


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Looking for some opinions on lighting a sps dominated tank with some other softies as well. 120 x 42 x 36
My thoughts at first were overkill on (10)400 watt MH's.
I am now leaning more towards 5 x 400watt MH's across the middle of the tank and as many T5HO actinics/white on both sides to fill the space. What do you guys think? Sanjay, Can you chime in here?


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nyc sounds like a great tank ,is in wall ,how many sides r viewable
my tank is very similiar it is 120x36x30 and i am starting with 4 400w mh and 4 72" vhos. we should stay in touch and learn and compare our experiences. do u have all ur equipment yet such as pumps etc


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785Gallons in the display and another 500 gallons in the sump, frag, refugium tanks. Starphire glass
It going in my den veiwable from the front and two side panels. My home is being built and should be finished in a few months.
The equipment is all going in the basement of the house to eliminate any noise or mess.
Tank was ordered and equipment will soon follow. Too much stuff to list here unless I start a build thread which I dont know if that what I want to do at this point.
How long has your tank been set up? any pics? are you keeping sps?

add me and we can keep in touch