Lighting Acrylic Tank - Advice


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I got a good deal on a 20L acrylic all in one tank and made a spur of the moment purchase. Now that I have it, I don't really know how I want to light it.
Any suggestions on lighting for it would be appreciated. Mostly softies, I don't think I'll have any SPS in this tank.

How far off the top of the tank would I need to keep the following:

150W HQI - like a sunpod fixture

LED fixture or maybe stunner strips

Thanks in advance


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IMO, it depends on what kind of light u use
1- HQI will raise your electric bill and it's very hot but good for coral - dont know about height from water
2- LED fixture is alot better, it is about 2" -> 6" from water level should be good
+ reefbreeder- gotta hang it on
+ - can sit on top
+ 2-PAR38 full spectrum - good light for me


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Thanks for the input guys. From what I'm reading LEDs seem to be a pretty good option for an acrylic tank. Not a lot of heat, low energy cost and good spectrum.

Sounds like they can be located pretty close to the top of an acrylic tank without any problem. Is that correct?

Any recommended brands or setups?