lighting and pump help


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I was looking for suggestions for a light for my 65 gallon tank which measures 36x18x24. I plan on doing some soft corals only with fish and live rock. I was looking at gsp,mushrooms,xenia,yellow star polyps,maybe some zooanthid.
Also need suggestions for a recirculation pump for inside the aquarium. What size and brand? The ecotechs with the different settings and clean design sure are nice but I heard they get noisy fairly quickly.


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T5s for lighting. 2x Tunze (6045) for your circulation. Tunze are quiet and German made/engineered. Good luck.


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T5s will work fine. A 4 bulb fixture would be more than enough. You can look into LEDs also but really depends your budget. 3 foot T5 fixtures are hard to find unless you buy new though.

For pumps, look at the Jebaos. A single WP25 would provide enough flow and similar features as vortechs without the insane price lol