Lighting combination opinions...


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I have an Aquamedic 2x250 mh, 2x54 t5 lighting system (Oceanballast M 250H-2 balasts), and I think I need to get new bulbs. I have a few Acros towards the top of the tank, some Candycanes and other lps on the substrate, etc. and I have a blue Ultra clam that I got from Jeremy at the meeting. I want to get good growth from my sps but good color as well.

That being said, my thought is to go with the Pheonix 14K and some regular actinics, as per some opinions on posts I read from the search I did.

The other option I've heard (and I couldn't find anything answering this question on the searches... yes, I did look) Get whatever "brand" (what's the best for this??) of 10K's and get the Geissmann "super actinics" for the T5's. Does anyone have experience with these T5's? Do they give a richer color for the money? or are they just regular actinics?

What has anyone else found that works well for a rich blue quality to the lighting combined with good growth?