Lighting during the night


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I was wondering what's better for fish during the night. Is it better to have the light OFF (pitch black)? or is it better to have some type of light?

I have LED, so I can adjust it to a very very low light.



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The blue lights come on first, then the whites, then when the whites go out the blues are on for an hour before they shut off. In the 55, one wrasse hits the sand before the whites go out (9 pm on the dot) & the other soon after, the goby goes to her sleeping corner before the blues go off & the Orbic cardinal swims around day & night or hangs around in a corner. In the 20L, the Yasha goes to bed when I turn the powerheads back on, no matter the lighting, & the 2 pajama cardinals swim around, then go to their respective corners when the blues go out. There's almost always ambient light in a house.


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Thank you for your suggestion everyone.

Thanks SushiGirl. What fish do you have in your tank? I am just a little concerned about being shocked from totally pitch black, to light.

Does the tank get any ambient room lighting? By the time my tanks lights come on the room it's in is hardly pitch black.