lighting expert needed


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I have a 90 gallon tank,i got fish and invertebrates in it,i have a few mushrooms.Im using 2 110 atinics and 2 175 MH.Im thinking of going t5 but dont know if i should go with 4 lights or 6,how many watts,how many daylight bulbs and blue,can someone give me there input.I do want to start adding some corals soon. Thank you
What sort of corals were you thinking about adding?

I'd suggest 6 lamps if you're set on T5. The MH rig you have on there now would be fine for most corals, too.

Keep in mind that lamp count is just one of many important factors. Especially with T5, if you have bad reflector design, you'll lose a lot of output. Bulb and ballast choice matter, too.


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Your current light setup like der_wille_zur_macht said would be fine, but T5 would work too. A lot more color choice also. Don't follow the wattage per gallon but you should get the 6 bulb for more light coverage. The amount of daylight bulbs and bulb depends on what color scheme you'd like on your tank.

Keep in mind also that you should be looking for HO (high Output) T5 fixtures with individual reflectors. This will give maximum par. A built in fan would also boost par over your tank since overheating in bulbs can reduce the par given out. Three brands you can look into is ATI fixtures, IceCape Aqua Illumination Fixture, and the more economical Tek light fixture.

Good luck on your move to T5. I'm happy with my tek light over my 50G rimless tank.
check it out.