Lighting for 37gal


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Yesterday I went Tory's pet place and end up buying another light for the mentioned. I had 2-65 w PC on it that were built into the canapy which were constantly getting in the way. I purchased a T5 HO 2-24w fixture, I did not give the same brightness as the PC's but it gives it that deep blue look. Only corals in the tank is a hammer coral, some zoa's, dunkins, and a pice of chalice from my big tank. I thought about gettin one more fixture but don't see the point if I don't have to. I do not know how good T5 HO are.

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4x24 T5 is the way to go. I'd pickup the extra fixture and link them.

You can't expect 48w of T5 to beat 130w of PC. But 96w of T5 in a good fixture with good bulbs like ATI,KZ,or GIESSEMAN will give you the power and colors your looking for.