Lighting for 56gal DT


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I've been out of the hobby for several years and I am planning on starting a new tank in the next few months and lighting has changed a LOT since I've been active in the reef world. I have a 56g tank that I am going to use as a display tank, 30x18x24. I want to keep a mixed LPS/SPS tank but tend to go towards the way of SPS. Looking at the Ocean Revive t247, but it seems like I'm at a difficult spot with the coverage. One would be a little bit shy of what I needed while two would be overkill. They rate their SPS coverage at 26x18 and Mixed coverage at 32x24. Could I go with two and tone them back? Or is there another light that would make more sense for my setup? Thanks in advance.


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It looks like the tank you're interested in is 24" deep. This is on the deeper side for a reef tank, especially for smaller (<50ish gallons) systems. The light intensity is going to drop off pretty quickly in a tank like that. I know, I have been running a 30 gallon that is 24" tall for the last 10 years. I looked up the Ocean Revive light and it looks like the par values would only be good for SPS (200-300) in the center of a 24" deep tank. The fact the yours is 30" long only compounds this problem. Are you willing to only keep SPS in the middle of your display tank? You might consider the Reef Breeder Photon lights. They come in a variety of lengths. The 24" long fixture would give you good mixed reef capabilities. You could even get a SPS dominant options in the middle 20" of your tank. BRS did some good videos reviewing these lights. Hope that helps.