lighting for a Candy Cane?


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just curious where i should place my candy cane? i have two 125w halides on the end of the tank with a 250w hadile in the middle. are they high light corals or low light, and what about flow
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I got a candy a while back, what I found is that if the light is too strong it will not expand very well, may even re-gress.

I moved it to a location hanging off a "rock wall" where it only gets indirect light and during the day it now has much larger expansion, seems much happier.

the more I work with corals the more I look at what they do.

if they open and have good color then they are probably ok.

in a day you can see them react to a new location and then decide to leave them or move them.

that is -- a day *when they are not stressed* from shipping etc...

so if the coral was shipped then you need time to get it acclimated.
start with low light and move up over several days.


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Well I have one with 3 heads and it is high in the middle of both my 250mhs and it loves it. All three heads are full and getting ready to split. But sometimes you can get a weird coral. They are easy to take care of, for sure.


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they need med light and low/med flow, with halide, put in middle or lower, mines multiplying pretty fast at about 2 feet from halide.

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For your tank keep it at the end by a 125w MH and make sure it gets medium flow. They should blow up fast.


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Mine is happy in a low/med light with low/med flow. You might have to do some experimention to find it's happy place in your tank. They definitely don't like direct flow in my case. ;)


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Mine likes less flow but can take good amounts of light. I placed it low but not shaded. I had it in a place with less light and it growing/expanding less.
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With MH I found that a candy cane coral does best in a slightly shaded area.

My experience is the same. I bought a two head frag, had it in the middle about 1' from the 150w HQi it was O.K. but grew very slow. One head in 4 months. I got some new corals and moved it off tot he side. Now it is 7 heads in just two months. I also feed it mysis now too.