Lighting For Innovative Marine SR-60 Reef Tank


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Wow, looks like things have changed in the past 7yrs. I previously sold my reef and predator tanks, and after 7yrs have just ordered an Innovative Marine SR-60 aquarium for a new reef tank.

My lighting situation...
The tank will go in my main room where I do have a large window that will direct sun light. I'm in Calgary, Canada so this may be only a few hours of direct sun in the day from Oct through April, and more through the summer months.
The tank is 36" long x 24" wide x 16" high. I believe 6" in width is reserved for equipment at the back, thus the display area is closer to 45gallons.

I'd like your recommendations on adequate lighting for a large variety of corals and perhaps even some clams. On my previous reef tank, I had a metal halide setup and was just starting up slowly with corals, but never really expanded beyond easy to keep corals.

I was checking out "Colorado Reef"'s YouTube channel as he's got an SR-80 (same depth), and he's running 2x Kessel 160's to add a supplemental shimmer look to his tank, plus he has an ATI T5 lighting fixture with 2x coral plus bulbs and 2x blue plus bulbs. Would it be correct that he's invested about $500 in shimmer, and it's his T5 lights that are making his corals thrive?

Suggestions? Thoughts?


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I recently upgraded to an SR-80 tank and started off with 2 Kessil A360 wide lense. I started placing some SPS and decided to add a 3rd. They produce a ton of light, but the problem is the new brackets come about 2 inches shy of being centered on the tank from front to back. It not an issue if you get the extenders or if you scape is pushed more towards the back. Depending on what you are keeping, I would say the A360s are a better option if you are looking to go LED.