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Current USA Sundial Pendant with (1) 250W 14K HQI, (2) 32W Actinic PC. The original ballast for the HQI has been replaced by a PFO 250W HQI Ballast. The fixture has been retrofitted with a custom black aluminum frame to support (4) 24" 40W T5s. The T5s are being run by an Icecap 660 and a heat sink. All of the lights can be placed on individual timers since they have independent power cords. All of the ballasts are only 1 year old. $450

Call or email with questions.
Brian Bosworth
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Just to provide a breakdown of my original cost
Current USA Fixture $250
PFO HQI 250W Ballast $200
ICECAP T5 Retro Kit w/ 660 ballast $295
(4) T5 bulbs $100