Lighting for sale


Is Sailing the Seas
1 have 2 luminarc minis reflectors
2 400 watt electronic ballast
2 400 watt hamilton 14k bulbs
I paid a little over 650.00 for this & ive decided to go another route with my current set up everything is less than 2 months old & in mint condition.
$500 or best offer.
I will not seperate it all goes together.


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I have decided togo another route I think. Unless you were just looking to "give away" the luminarcs. Are the made for SE or DE?

A question for you though.. What route are you going? Do you think you can make just 3 bulbs over your 180 work? I have started my planning for a 180 myself.


Is Sailing the Seas
3 BULBS ON THE180 WOULD WORK FINE i KNOW A couple of people doing that and it looks good. Im gonarun all t5s. I couldnt give away the luminarcs If they dont sell Imay try to use them on a indoor gardening project.