Lighting for Softie Q-tine tank?

Hi All,

I'd like to set up a proper q-tine facility for soft corals. I have made the decision to abandon my attempts to go "sps" and just stick with the softies.

Further to a recent ich problem in my display, I am going to q-tine EVERYTHING wet that goes into my tank..... including critters, corals, macro algae, rock, sand....... everything.

Seeing as I will only be dealing with softies, I was thinking that a couple of NO florescents would do the job, with decent reflectors on them. I already have all the gear, I just need a couple of tubes........

I am thinking that they will only be in the q-tine facility for 6 weeks...... so would that lgihting be ok?




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It would probably work.
I have 2 of these over my 10 gallon quarantine tank.

5100K Makes everything look brown, but they seem very happy and grow fast under them.