Lighting recommendations?


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Recently purchased a used 90 gallon setup with a canopy. The canopy has 2-250 watt mogul base MHs run off of 2 Coralvue electronic ballasts and 2-110 VHO running off an ARO electronic ballast. The lights are a little over 9 inches from the water surface.
I need to switch out the lamps. It currently has some 20,000k cheapies and one VHO Actinic and one VHO 50/50.
Looking for opinions as to which brand/temp bulb combinations would be best suited for the tank. Right now it is mostly stocked with LPS and softies with some SPS, but looking to move towards a predominately SPS tank.
Also, the interior of the canopy is painted white. Could use a new coat of paint, or would lining it with mylar instead be better?



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Look up sanjays numbers with those ballasts, get the best 20k with the most par numbers, Then I would run both those VHO's with 10k for growth of sps, you will be impressed!


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Lol. Was thinking about doing just the opposite of your suggestion, running 10,000k MH and Actinic VHO. But your suggestion makes more sense.
Sanjay's website is unreal. The time to compile all that info must be staggering. Trying to match up best I could, it looks like either XM or Radium would be the choices.
My LFS has JBJ K-1 MH on sale for $40 each. I know the old saying you get what you pay for, but they're pretty much half the price of the other two. I cannot find out any info on the spectrum or PAR values, but was reading somewhere that PAR not as important as color. Any thoughts?