Lighting: Reefbrite MH/LED hybrid and Large pendant metal halide set up.


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Reefbrite 36" hybrid

2 x MH mogul based pendant driven by 2x250w Reefbrite electronic ballasts.

2x 36" XHO all blue reefbrite strips

I have various bulbs I'll throw in. These are all used with unknown age but some are different color temperatures. Use them to choose color temperatures to your taste


3 x Lumenbright large reflectors w/ mogul base. One I peeled the plastic off before setting it up. The others are in decent shape with minimal salt spotting from splashes.

To clarify these are not pendants with housing but reflectors* 2 x 400w selectable Lumatek ballasts


2 x 400w 14k Hamilton lamps * only fired up a few times to see color.

Pictured when I was going to set up over my current tank.

I still have the 80/20 if interested I can add it for a bundled price.


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Do want to sell the reef brites separately?

Sorry toshiba I don't fully understand - the whole fixture is reefbrite. If you're referring to just the XHO then no, I'd prefer to keep this unit as a whole. They work amazingly well together.




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Ok usually you can detach the reef brites from the fixture.

I hear ya. Then I'm left with a reefbrite mh fixture with built in mounts for xho and no xho strips. I appreciate the offer but I'm offering this unit as a whole.

I know not many are into MH now-a-days and I'm listing for this a specific acropora dominant enthusiast buyer who still wants to be able to appreciate those high dollar tenuis geeking out under all blues and orange shades ( I do). :)

Retail for the mh/led fixture alone is $920 without mh ballasts and the RB 250w ballasts are roughly 200 a piece. I feel my price is fair but am open to offers.