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Hello all!
I have had my tank setup for several years, the last few years have been kinda hands off because the last LFS nearby shut down and I had some other projects to work on. So, I maintained what I already had. I do not have many complaints, but one that I have recently paid attention and realized has been a problem for a while, is coraline bleaching.

The coraline in the corner of the tank by the over flow box, grows very quickly, thick, and dark purple. The coraline on the front glass also grows fairly fast but is white, the rocks have virtually no coraline.

My corals themselves have done alright, I have a mix of LPS, SPS, and softies. Not a coral heavy tank by any stretch tho.

It is a 125g tank, 3x 250w MH, 2x 80w T5 tubes (ATI blue plus, ATI purple plus).

MH run 12hrs, the T5 run for a few hours in the morning and in the evening.

I spoke to another local reefer who I just met and he said to checkout changing my lighting time. I may should cut back on halides and up the T5 hours.

Any help is appreciated

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When I ran MH/T5 combo, I ran (2) 250w DE 14K Phoenix 8 hr/day and (2) Blue Plus and (2) True Actinic 10-11hrs/day. I had great luck.

This was on a 120g 48"x24"x24" SPS tank.


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When I used T12 VHO, it was 12 on/12off. After I made the switch to LED. I have a ~2 hour ramp up and 1 hour ramp down, so just 9 hours at max.