Lighting ?


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Plenty for zoas and palys. Might want to make one of the bulbs 10k though for growth. All actinic is a too little blue for my tastes as well but to each his own.

Friday Night

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yea thats what i was thinking throwing in a 50/50... two Actinic may stunt growth but they can survive overall under two Actinic?


Tang Cop
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I agree on having a 10k bulb. If your wanting to keep it a little blue, go for a 14k bulb with the actinic. Really, before settling on any bulb combination, if you know anyone with different bulbs go check out their setup. The 14k's are fairly blue, at least with MH, you may like then as they put out more light than an actinic and still look blue. Be careful with the bulb manufacturer selection, some 10k's are as blue as a 14 and 14's as blue as 20's. If you have a local LFS, go check out their bulbs and find one you like.