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Question what is the best kind of lighting? We have power compacts, Metal Highs, T5 HO, Now LED..... I plan on keeping fish and some annemonies , hammer corals and stuff like that... I have a friend selling an Nova Pro 6 ft to me for 400$ just wondering if its a good investment and if there is anything better that brings out the color of everything.


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each person has their own likes. for my I like MH/VHO for the shimmer look.

T5's do well and you can get nice colors out of them also with the right bulb combo but no shimmer.

LED's I am not sure as I will prob. never switch to an all LED unit I don't really watch those threads.

PC's those are just your basic lights and depending on the tank they can work ok but IMO not for anemones.


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I recently switched to "reef capable" LEDs on one of my 240 FOWLR tanks. After selling my old fixture, it was almost free. No more bulbs to buy (at least $300 yearly) , a fraction of the elec & heat, and the light is fantastic. There is a shimmer (from a special lens) that is every bit as good as MHs. This technology is changing so fast, that who knows how good it will be in a year from now. These are said to be great in any reef, but I'm just not qualified to say one way or another. We are in the process of retro-fitting my little 55 reef, then my other 240 & 180 FOWLR tanks. I love these things; with the bullb & elec savings---I just might have get just one more tank. And I'm one step ahead of the EPA "Bulb Police" who are about to ban most incandescent lighting. Wait until they learn that people are throwing 1000 watts at a fish tank! Also, if you get them at Drs. F&S and don't like them; just get your money back.