Lightning For Refuge


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Thats the bulb I used for my fuge. Take a look:



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Lightning? Hmm tough one. First you need some warm updrafts and a static charge. Doesn't hurt if you are a god.



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Are you worried about splashing? those bulbs look awfully close to the waters surface.. i would be worried about shock potential.. I see you used the rubber sockets, which is good, but I would still worry if it was in my house..

Chad Vossen

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as long as water doesnt get to the ceramic socket it should be fine. these lights do not get very hot and even after they are on for hours, im still able to put my hand on the light. im referring to the floodlight version though. i have even dunked the lights into the tank water to wash off the saltcreep. now i have noticed a crack in the reflector, but i dont know if it came like that or if i did it. i sealed it back up and pretend its not there now.


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Yeah, I am..... I need to raise them up a couple inches. I actually just installed them last week so....