Lights are affecting pH monitor


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So I have an electronic pH monitor and it reads 8.x in all 3 tanks I have when lights are off. In one tank though, when the lights go on it shows the pH at 2.5. Lights go off and the reading goes back to 8.x. I figure it is maybe some stray voltage, but I can't measure any with my multimeter. Strangely in that tank, when the lights are on, the pH still reads 8.x when measured in the sump. Any thoughts?


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It could be anything. pH probes are very prone to picking up electrical interference.


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Ok, so maybe just radiating stuff from the fixture and not in the tank. So I can trust my lights out reading.

I tested again and got 1.6 volts of voltage in the tank with the lights on.


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Might wanna install a grouding probe if you dont aready have one, it might take care of the stray voltage... Also make sure your plugged into a GFCI outlet..