Lights out/dino question?


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Hi, I'm on the tail end of battling Dino's in my sps dominant 60g tank.

I got a uv sterilizer and did two separate lights out along with hydrogen peroxide. The first was 3 days, which cleared my display a lot. But I noticed them starting to come back after a couple days and I did another 2 day black out. There was probably about 2 days in between the black outs.

Right now the lights have been back on for 2 days and so far I don't see the dinos coming back. I'm still dosing hydrogen peroxide. My sps are a bit pale, but otherwise seem ok.

I'm thinking I might do another blackout period in the future to be sure (or maybe even make it a part off my regular routine) but y don't want to overly stress the corals. So does anyone know a recommended time to wait between blackouts for sps?

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