like-new 55g + stand, nice fw plants, + more FS


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I just took down my 55g freshwater tank :)() to make room for a new sw tank I'm setting up. I'm selling the tank, stand, some plants, and some substrate.

55g tank- $80
-like new , no noticeable scratches (there are a couple hairline scratches from a magfloat, but aren't noticeable with substrate in the tank)
-oak trim
-purchased oct. 06, been running since then
-NO CHEMICALS were used in it, I never treated the tank with any meds, so it's safe for sw
-comes with strip light + bulb and two hoods (came with the tank)

Stand for the 55g- $100
-factory made, purchased at PetWorld oct. 06
-like-new, no scratches/dents/exposed areas
-2-doors, shelf underneath, hole in the back for cords
-purchased for about $150

FW plants:
-2 LARGE java ferns each growing on a rock:
>large one is about 15 pounds, would make a great