limewater messing up pumps?

Randy Holmes-Farley

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The higher pH (if you have that) may increase abiotic preciption, yes.

For most folks, that disadvantage is outweighed by other advantages (like higher pH).

Maintaining appropriate magnesium can help mitigate the problem. :)


Marquis de Carabas
welll, worst case scenario is you let it go until you lock the pump up... and then soak it in vinegar. If it locks all the way up it is generally time to break out muriatic acid


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I used limewater for many years and found it works best if you use it to replace evaporation and is dosed automatically throughout the day. This lessens the precipitation issue.

I eventually stopped using it and just dose 2-part solution throughout the day (via peristaltic pumps), and prefer this method from a hassle/result perspective.


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ive had this happen to me after about 8 months of dosing kalwasser to the tank everyday. There was build up on the vortech powerhead and was quite east to get off. Vinager bath, then i took warm rodi water let it soak in there, then it just fell off. Pump is good as new again


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I had the same problem. It was back when I used a float switch to control the amount of limewater that was added to the tank. Unfortunetly, it was cause a decent amount at a time to be added. I believe this was my problem, it was adding too much at one time and to the sump where the pumps were. Causing high levels in this area.

I now add limewater by dripping, so it is added at a much lower rate and I haven't had a problem with the pumps since. This is going on a year or 2 now. HTH