lion fish

Dan Thrash

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how large is he? brine shrimp is probably too small for him. if he's already been eating prepared or frozen foods, feed him bigger, meatier chunks.

Blown 346

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Brine shrimp isnt very good for any fish to consume, it is made up of 95% water.
I use to feed mine freeze dried krill, it is high in protein and will benefit the fish.


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freeze dried isn't that good compared to the frozen. But like he said, brine isn't good for fish, it's more like potato chips lol Get some frozen krill or maybe even some mysis shrimp. And to stimulate him to eat you can throw some live ghost shrimp in there, he should eat that.


goby girl
go to the local supermarket. in the seafood area, start buying stuff. NOT PRE COOKED mind ya. mussel, shrimp, squid, anything that looks meaty.

depending on the type of lion you have, you MAY have to chop some of it up a little. if its a big ole volitan, just throw in the big chunks, WHOLE... don't take the mussel off of the shell, don't try and shell the shrimp.

krill isn't complete for these guys either!!! but, like they said, its better than nothing.

Go down to the agressive fish forum, and they can help ya tons!!!


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i feed my lion silversides,, squid,, he loves it....brine shrimp has no nutritional value for fish...its a waste of money....use krill,squid,or silversides...thats the best...ghost shrimp is no good either...


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Three days is nothing to be worried about. You don't want to feed him everyday anyway. Some people feed theirs every other day, while others feed two or three times a week. I feed mine ghost shrimp once a week. He's happy.


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I wouldn't feed it guppies, they could carry diseases and other things into the tank and they aren't very nutritious.


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I agree with Konrade, nutrition is a concern. There are big differences in protein and fat content between freshwater and marine fish. You should only feed your lion foods of saltwater origin.


goby girl
if it has been raised in salt water, its been injesting the different nutrients, creating a healthier feeder fish for you. If its from fresh water, the hufas and fats are different... not as nutritious.

but still, about 1000000000000 times better than trying to feed goldfish or something similar!!!!!!!!!!!!