Lionfish issues


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Short Version: Lionfish I've had for close to 3 years has cloudy eyes, stopped eating, and has a tattered tail. Tank mates are a skeletor eel, foxface, purple tang. Water is zeroes across the board, thoughts?

Long Version:
So I just did a test and I'm reading 0 nitrates or nitrites. My tank is a little gross right now with algae in it but nothing that hasn't been plaguing me for around 6 months to a year now. That being said my lionfish isn't looking so hot.

His tail is tattered, he isn't eating, and his eyes are cloudy. He used to be voracious but he slowed down on eating over the last 8 months or so. I thought one reason may be that we switched to quick freeze silver sides, but he ate them regularly enough. As far as introducing disease we've had no new additions and he's been with me since about March 2018.

I've never seen ich in my tank (got a purple tang and fox face that would show white spots pretty well if I did). The only issue I've had was a fox face that wouldn't gain weight and after a prazi treatment in 2018 its doing great.

I did have a blue wrasse disappear (likely the lion fish), and my sunset wrasse turned up dead suddenly one day. Not sure what killed that one it looked fine when I pulled it out. I've wondered if the lionfish tried to eat it and spit it out.

Anyway that's the background, any advice on how to treat this would be appreciated.


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Have you seen anything coming out of the back of the lion fish? If you see white stringy poop it may be an intestinal parasite. Mine went that way. He basically couldn't get any nutrients from the food he ate and got thinner and just overall unhealthy. Showed in his fins and his eyes as well. I wasn't able to save him sorry to say. You could try getting some of the anti parasitic (and anti bacterial because it wont hurt him) medicine and soaking the silversides in it, but it sounds like he's pretty far along whatever is happening. Good luck! They are such personable fish!