List of corals for 60 gal reef plz


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I am having a bit of a hard time trying to figure out what corals I should get for my 60 gallon tank. I have 4 54w t5 lights.
So fat the corals that I want are:
Xenia ( they will get there own island and I will frag)
Kenya tree
Green star polyps ( they will get there own island and I will frag)
Brain coral
Short tentical plate coral

I am open to any suggestions and I have about x35 flow in the tank I would like to have colorful soft and lps corals thanks:fun4::fun4:


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What corals do YOU like...
Thats all that matters..
I wouldn't put half of what you want in any tank of mine..


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You should be able to keep just about any soft coral or LPS coral with that setup. I would suggest moving slowly though. Try a few corals at a time before loading up your whole tank...especially if you are newer to keeping reefs. Many of the soft corals you've listed will grow like crazy if you keep your tank healthy.


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Put whatever you want, mine is 65g.



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The corals you have listed are easy to keep. Though, being easy comes with some cons. That main con being, they grow rapidly. Now to a newer hobbyist, it's great. You see growth and success. However, getting more into the hobby, you begin to realize there isn't much room for other corals you're becoming interested in due to the simple face that the easy corals you put in the tank, have taken over a large estate.

That being said, do research of what you truly truly want in your tank. Of course, there are lots of hobbyist out there who only enjoy the softie corals, they're beautiful and they usually sway!

These corals are great because they require little maintenance and don't require pristine water conditions like SPS.

My tank is only 1" shy of being 60 gallons, so its close enough in my opinion. But I love SPS corals, the bug bit me hard!
Here was my tank just before breaking down for a restart.

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