List your top 5 favorite corals


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I'm putting together a project and need a comprehensive list of the top 5 or so corals you would want, or that you have in your reef aquarium.

Really think about this and try to respond with detailed information.

This will not be a waste of your time, there is a benefit on the horizon for your labor.

Stay tuned!!!!!


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Anything for a fellow Triangle area reefer ;)

Top five, although I must say the order might change from day to day.

1) Millepora
2) Hydnophora
3) Duncans
4) Zoanthids
5) Monti caps


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Remember detail, detail, detail. Bri Guy - Imagine trying to order a coral online and requesting an LPS Coral......Wow the possibilities.

Bri Guy

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I was kidding, I think my list of 5 covers all the corals in the ocean ;)

a true list would be more like

1. rainbow acans
2. bright eyed challices
3. tri colored acros
4. super bright yumas
5. dragons breath favia


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1. Acanthastrea Lordhowensis
2. Blastomussa Wellsi
3.Euphyllia Paradivisa
5. trachyphyllia Geoffroyi


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1- Acropora Tortuosa
2- Seriatopora hystrix (birdnest)
3- Acropora Suharsonoi
4- Euphyllia paranchora (hammer coral)
5- Montipora hirisuta


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dragon soul favia (have)
oregon blue tort (my favorite sps - have)
pastel war and peace favia (want)
rainbow acan lord (want)
bubble gum monster chalice (want)

I could go on, but you said five.


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Team RC
1. "War Coral" favites patagonia
2. High color contrast acanthastrea Lordhowensis
3. Tricolor Acroporas
4. Acropora Suharsonoi
5. Acropora tortuosa

all of which I have; but I also have and like my various chalices and blastomussa.


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1. Turbinaria peltata (Pagoda Cup Coral)
2. Turbinaria reniformis (Yellow Scroll/Turban Coral)
3. Acropora millepora (Specifically the tabling varieties)
4. Acropora yongei (yongii?) (Green Slimer Acro)
5. Seriatopora spp. (Birds Nest ; caliendrum and guttatus are my favorites)


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1. Contrasting favias like bright red war coral or lakers favia
2. Mixed colors of Ricordia, just like a bag of skittles
3. Bright rainbow acan lords, the more the merrier
4. Neon glowing zoas. They just catch the eyes.
5. Large Blue Stags and other Acropora to fill the tank.