Litermeter 3 or CA reactor


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I need help on my desicion to install two part dosing using litermeter.I need advise how difficult to calculate amount if i have 300 gal system.Or maybe i should keep CA ractor like i use to.Basicaly i am looking for more stable and more simple system.Please respond with all suggestions


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You could also use "Drew's dosing pumps" on digital light timers or a "ReefKeeper2" like I do. Could save you some money, and also use Bulk Reef Supply's "Two Part System".

I know that Liter meter is suppose to be more accurate, but I have installed two clear containers marked with ML on the outside. They stand side by side, so I can see if one of my dosing pumps if un matched to the other.........All I have to do is add/subtract a minute to my multi-timer function on my ReefKeeper. Once you have it dialed in.....seems to be pretty accurate.


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I've been dosing BRS 2 part for about a month now with the Litermeter III and it is literally set-and-forget.

My current tank is only 40g and I needed to dose 12ml/day. To get around the 50ml/day minimum of the LMIII I diluted the 2-part to 75% with RO/DI. Now my CA/KH are bang on and my corals are thriving. Dosing a 300g will be easier as you can dose full strength.

One thing the LMIII has over other timer based dosers is that it spreads out the daily dose to 150 increments over a 24 hour period.

BRS Recipe 1 Recommended Starting Points for Daily Dosing:

Predominately LPS and soft corals: .2-.3ml/gallon

A few hard SPS corals or clams: .4-.6ml/gallon

Numerous full sized SPS colonies and clams: 1+ml/gallon
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Litermeters are great for dosing kalkwasser as the limewater will remain saturated once mixed. The problem with dosing 2 part with a litermeter is that the 2 part solution will settle and if not mixed fairly regularly, you will end up dosing diluted 2 part.

Also, with a 300g system, I do not think it will be cost effective to use 2-part anyway, I'd go with a CaCO2 reactor.


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Hm, I just checked both of my 5g buckets (CA/ALK) that have been standing for just over a month and I can't see any settlement at all...


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I'd go with a reactor, but if you do decide to do the dosing pumps, check out the standalone dosers from GHL/Profilux. They are really slick, I have 2 of them and it was really easy to program them, they look 100's better than the spectrapures and the price was really good! Got them from Cherry Corals, I'm not sure who else sells them right now....