Little giant pump loud, need quieter one


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As the title says my little giant external pump is too loud. Is there an option thats much quieter? Normally this wouldn't be a problem but the room and tank is not very big and there isn't much room to make it quieter.

Vinny Kreyling

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A DC pump is the ticket & Varios is a good choice.
Oversize it some cause they don't like head pressure but can be turned down.


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I'm running a Varios and it's very quiet. It's ten feet away from me in my living room, so it must be.


Is it shaft bearing or fan noise? If fan, about 15 years ago, someone here posted a pic of quieting their BlueLine/PanWorld external pump by pulling the fan blades off the back and mounting an aluminum heat sink and computer fan.


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The Little Giant pumps are known for their reliability and longevity but not their silence.


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Isolate it as well as you can. Sit it on a silicone pad, connect it to the hard plumbing using ~12" of vinyl or silicone tubing. IME, a large part of the noise is from vibration. If you can minimize that, it will help a lot.