little help with noisy sump and setup


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i have a 40 gallon tank just set up today turned sump on and what a racket. my lfs drilled my tank with a 1 1/2 overflow pipe and a 3/4 return from pump. my 1 1/2 pvc 90 out of tank and down 24 inches to a reducer to 1" then converts to nylon flex. it stops 2" above water level in sock. and suggestions on how to quiet it down. I have a supreme 500 gpm as a return to tank in a 3/4 flex pipe. also should i have a check valve if there is a power failure. they drilled the return hole to low i think. about 5" from top.


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Also extend the overflow pipe to about 2" below the water level in the sump. That will make a huge differance.


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If your return is that low in the tank, you might want to put some locline and a flare nozzle on it to push the opening closer to the top of the tank. Check valves work, but if you don't need to use, why use it, right?