Little Stream Advice??


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I am setting up a 180 (6x2x2) AGA with twin overflows. Was going to use sea swirls on closed loop as well as the standard returns over the overflows. If I wanted to add 1 or 2 streams what would be a good choice? I will have a 2-4 sandbed.

Also, what is the maximum number of streams I can control off of 1 controller? If I went with 2-3 streams and no SS could I control all 3 from 1 controller?

Streams move a tremendous amount of water and I don't think you would want to have more then 2 in your tank.

Look at TS24 kit which includes 2-6100 speed controllable streams and the 4 port multicontroller 7094. There are expansion connectors available to even go beyond 4 streams(up to 8) but out of the box it will exceed you planned requirements. I would try to hang the streams in each corner off the over flows, but I have not tried it on the curved AGA overflows. You will likely need to get the screw extension kits 3000.244 to fit over the tank rim. I needed them for my old style AGA 60gal.

And most important, with the TS24 you can expand or more likely in a 180, you can slow them down.

Best wishes on the project.