Live Aquaria coupon code


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Hoping to buy a pricey fish. Anyone have a working Live Aquaria coupon code they can share?


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I have a very bad feeling that discount codes are not going to be readily available anymore! No September shipments received an October code! It's been weeks since they have offered a 15 or 20% off sale.
Probably orders from corporate to increase profits by reducing the discounts!

I'm waiting to place a "˜decent' size order...
Come on LA, I'd be happy for you to prove me wrong!


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Seems like LA has been going downhill lately. I see they only offer store credit, no more refunds for dead fish. I've always liked them - hope they get their stuff together.


Live Aquaria no longer the same quality

Live Aquaria no longer the same quality

Always been happy with them in the past, these days it is undersized fish, emaciated tangs with bones showing.