Live Brine Shrimp


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Hello everyone,
I have put live brine shrinp in my tank and I still never see my mandrin goby there any way I should feed him other than just putting in a bunch of live brine shrimp, my fire shrimp loves the brime shrimp...


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mandarines need a diet of copopods--unless your system is well established or you have a dedicated refugium for producing them, it will slowly starve to death
sorry to be so blunt but your best to take it back to the lfs if you can,


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it is possible to order pods but it kinds of expensive really. better off setting up a good fuge with lots of macro to grow the pods.

there was an article in some magazine about the author training his mandarin to eat mysis. can't remember what magazine it was though...


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Some mandarin dragonets will eat frozen mysid and similar prepared foods and do well. Many don't. I'd try some PE Mysis.


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You can order pods, but the mandarin will likely eat those until they are gone as well. I would take it back until you get a population established or you will have to buy pods online quite often. It gets expensive.