Live rock, 4 years old, $250 for 100lb


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I have about 100lb of live rock ready to go for pickup in Palo Alto.

It started as dry rock 4 years ago, using Real Reef Rock. It was $3.99/lb from Neptune, but looks like the price has gone up:

I'll sell it all for $250 but have to take it all. Not interested in trades.

It is covered with coralline, and tons of sponges.

I removed the rock and put them in the Rubbermaid, weighed it and then added water. I have another 30lb or so still in the tank.

Disclosure: I had aiptasia in the tank but treated with berghia nudis 2 years ago and have not seen any since, in the DT or sump. No other pests besides vermatid (big and small kind). Phosphates have always been 0.1 or less.

Even if you wanted to bleach, dry it out and restart, still a great deal. Let me know if you have any questions!




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