Live Rock Arrived Early!


In Memoriam
I ordered some live rock this weekend. The company was supposed to send the order to the Marshall Islands this Friday BUT.....A shipment came in to L.A. last nite and I got it in N.Y.C.this morning :) .......:eek2:
My tank is still being filled up with RO/DI (for the next two days)
I wanted to cure the rock in the new tank so I could cycle it as well.
Can I start curing (i ordered uncured) the rock in a big 35 gallon rubbermaid container and then just transfer & finish (also cycling) curing in the tank when the water is ready? :confused:


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There is no need to cycle a new tank if you are adding enough fully cured rock. IMO it would be best to cure your rock in the 35g can, at least for the first week or so just to keep your new tank clean.

The short answer to your question is yes, absolutely.